Conference Papers/Invited Talks


Conference Papers


“Cinematic Remix as a Speculative Genre and the Case of ‘This Video Does Not Exist.’” Film-Philosophy Conference. Gothenburg, Sweden. July 2018

“When the Internet Goes Dark: Elective Mutism in Social Media,” European Network for Cinema and Media Studies: Media Tactics and Engagement. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. June 2018

Abbas Kiarostami’s ‘Lessons of Darkness’: Non-Vision and Non-Representation.” Northeastern Modern Language Association. Pittsburgh, PA. April 2018

“‘This Video Does Not Exist:’ A Remix of Blank Screens in Cinema.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Toronto, Canada. March 2018

“Selective and Elective Mutism: Adorno’s ‘Cinema of Negativity’ and Deleuze’s ‘Minor Cinema.’” Film-Philosophy Conference. Lancaster, UK. July 2017

“Filmmaking Machine and the Black Screen as a Tool of Deterritorialization.” Taking Flight: Assembling, Becoming, Queering. International Deleuze Studies Conference. LGBTQ Community Centre. Toronto, Canada. June 2017

“Folds to Black and White in Minor Cinema.” Virtuality, Becoming and Life: Deleuze Studies Conference. University of Roma Tre, Department of Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts. Rome, Italy, July 2016

Deleuze Studies Camp 2016, University of Roma Tre, Department of Architecture. Rome, Italy, July 2016

Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture: Transvisuality. Lisbon, Portugal, June 2016

“Folds to Black and White in Minor Cinema: A Deleuzian Approach.” Coming to Terms with Film-Philosophy Conference and Master class with Alain Badiou. TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto, Canada, May 2016

“’How It Feels To Be Run Over’: Film Phenomenology and Black Screens in 9/11 Cinema.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Atlanta, Georgia, April 2016

“Black Screen, White Page: Convergence(s) and the Post-media Age.” New Visualities: Hybrid Media in Post-national Digital Spaces. Northeastern Modern Language Association. Toronto, Canada, May 2015

“Representing the Unrepresentable: Black Screen as Negative Event and Post- 9/11 Cinema.” Melancholia: Imaging the End of the World. Philipps University, Marburg, Germany, June 2013

“Narrative Film Openings: Old Tricks and New Technologies.” 21st-Century Hollywood: Movies in the Era of Transformation. Literature and Film Association. York College of Pennsylvania. York, Pennsylvania. October, 2012

“Moving Image and Negative Mimesis.” Mimesis Now Conference. Rochester, NY. April, 2012

“The Car and the Camera: Crossing Borders with Abbas Kiarostami.” Literature/Film Association: Border Visions Conference, New Britain, CT. October, 2011

“Marriage of the Senses: Visual Metaphors of Sound and Touch in Touch the Sound by Thomas Riedelsheimer.” Music and the Moving Image Conference, New York University, NYC, NY. May, 2011

“8 ½’ by Marlene Gorris and Francois Ozon: A Comparative Analysis of A Question of Silence and 8 Women.” National Popular Culture & American Culture Association Annual Conference. Panel: Film (General): Vigilantes, Race, Patriarchy and Religious Passion. San Antonio, TX. April, 2011

“Histoire”: Story and History in Cinematic Landscapes of Anh Hung Tran.” Film and History Conference. Panel: The Environment of Global Landscapes. Milwaukee, WI. November, 2010

“’The Transformation of Things’: Jia Zhangke Dreams of Still Life as Dong and Dong as Still Life. National Popular Culture & American Culture Associations Annual Conference. Panel: Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., & Electronic Gaming). St. Louis, MO. April, 2010

“’The Country of Not-Where’: ‘Go There, Don’t Know Where, Bring That Don’t Know What’ (Proppian analysis of Abbas Kiarostami’s Where’s the Friend’s Home? & Kira Muratova’s Melody for a Street Organ.” Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association. Panel: Myth and Fairy Tale. Albuquerque, NM. February, 2010

“‘Writing/Filming for Myself and Strangers’: The Poetics of Repetition in Kira Muratova’s Films through Gertrude Stein’s Texts.” The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages. Panel: Contemporary Russian Film. Philadelphia, PA. December, 2009

“‘Writing/Filming for Myself and Strangers’: Repetition in Gertrude Stein and Kira Muratova’s Aesthetics.” Literature/Film Association Conference: Texts, Technologies, and Intertextualities: Film Adaptation in a Postmodern World. Panel: Postmodernism on Film. Carlisle, PA. October, 2009

“Initial Predicative Semantic Gaps and Peculiarities of Text Perception.” Studia Linguistica Conference. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2004

“Expositional Retardation in the Contemporary Literary Discourse and ‘In Medias Res’ Device in the Ancient Epic Poem.” Readings of Saint-Petersburg Herzen University. April 15-17, 2003. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2003

“Reconstruction and Retardation in the Literary Narrative.” Language, Literature, Culture: Dialogue of Generations. Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Cheboksary, Russia, 2003

“Expositional Retardation as a Stylistic Device.” Readings of Saint-Petersburg Herzen University. May 21-23, 2002. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2002

“‘The Gapping Effect’ and Expositional Retardation.” Studia Linguistica XI conference. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2002

“To the Problem of the Pre-text and Fore-text Distinction.” Interconnection of Literature and Art in the Culture of the XX Century. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2001


Invited Talks


“‘This Video Does Not Exist:’ A Remix of Blank Screens in Cinema.” Media History From the Margins Summer School. Monte Verita, Switzerland. August 2018

“Black Screen, White Page: Convergence(s) and the Post-media Age.” Agency/Poetics/Media Workshop. School in Language and Culture in Europe, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden. November, 2015

“Black Screens, Skins and Veils: Cinema and Negative Mimesis.” Department of Global Cultural Studies, Aalborg University. Aalborg, Denmark. October, 2012

“Cinematic Tourist and Cinematic Traveler: Film Adaptations of Lev Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.” Department of Linguistics, University at Buffalo. Buffalo, New York. March, 2011

“’Oranges and Sardines’: Cinematic Adaptations of Literary Works.” Capital Normal University. Beijing, China. June, 2009

“Literature and Film: Oscar-winning Animation The Old Man and the Sea by Alexander Petrov.” Capital Normal University. Beijing, China. June, 2009

“Working in Tandem: Spouse-Directors Elem Klimov and Larisa Shepitko.” Capital Normal University. Beijing, China. May, 2009

“Literary Translation: Stages and Stratagems.” International Symposium on Literature and Literary Translation, sponsored by D. Likhachev’s Fund. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. July, 2008

“On the Peculiarities of Translating Opening Passages in Short Stories and Novels.” International Symposium on Literature and Literary Translation, sponsored by D. Likhachev’s Fund. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. July, 2008

“No Woman’s Land: Contemporary Russian Women Directors.” New York-Saint-Petersburg Institute of Cognitive and Cultural Studies, Saint-Petersburg State University. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. July, 2006